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Who's Paige?

In short, you are! Apart from being the middle name of our owner, Paige (page) is of English and French origin and refers to a young person who serves, helps, or attends.

With your purchase, we donate a portion to The Daily Donation, a real person, in real need, and you act as a saving page for that person.

Take a look at our logo above. The tree is being blown by strong winds, but the words below are perfectly normal. The tree is protecting what's beneath and taking the blunt of the storm. That's what you do for another, with each purchase from Saving Paige.


About US 

We've always wanted to do something to help make the world a better place. We know it can be hard so we wanted to make helping others as easy as possible for our shoppers.

We handpick each item in our store and keep our stock limited, thus presenting you with only the best options. 

Just purchase cute clothes for yourselves, and we'll donate a portion of your purchase to a real person in need. Check out the Daily Donation to see exactly who you are helping. Enjoy shopping and helping others!

-Brighton & Wade